Early Production Facilities (EPFs)

ANSCO provides Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Operation Management and Maintenance of surface facilities for the production and processing of hydrocarbons.

ANSCO has extensive experience in the petroleum industry for complete temporary early production facilities (EPFs). This enables many operators to generate immediate income from a new well while determining future permanent production facilities. ANSCO has successfully executed more than 25 early production facilities (EPFs) projects of various sizes in the most challenging locations in the MENA region.ANSCO has completed fit for purpose surface facility projects that cover various conditions including a wide range of production rates, well characteristics, crude oil properties, and that require additional processes such as desalting, dehydration, sand removal etc.

Early Production Facilities (EPFs) relative low cost empower operators to promptly create cash flows from new producing wells with only a minimum cash outlay. In addition, operators benefit from generating real time production data that help appraise the performance of a reservoir to decide whether to install permanent facilities. Early production facilities (EPFs) can be used for wells that are economically not feasible to produce using permanent facilities.

ANSCO offers support at all project phases, from consultancy to complete design of applications and the construction of new installations. ANSCO produces designs that transform concepts into easily managed facilities which operate smoothly and efficiently.