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ANSCO is a leading provider of services in the Oil and Gas industry with a strong presence in the MENA region. Our skilled personnel are well-versed in the intricacies of the MENA markets, providing invaluable insights and expertise to companies seeking to explore the region’s growth opportunities. With a commitment to quality and excellence, ANSCO is the preferred partner for businesses looking to establish a foothold in the dynamic MENA region.

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We take pride in the milestones we achieved during our journey, and look forward to consistently elevating and refining our performance and success.

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We Focus on Two Key Objectives, Efficiency and Productivity.

Today’s ANSCO is a result of internal growth and motivation as well as the affiliation and partnership with multinational oil and gas operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers. From a strategic standpoint, ANSCO has two key objectives, efficiency and productivity. Read More


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Serving over 100 Clients in MENA Region”
The basis of our operations and the key to our success is our level of client satisfaction.
We value our clients and strive to customize our service to fit their specific requirements.
Our objective is to always exceed client’s expectations.

Investment Portfolio

ANSCO seeks to invest and raise capital for long-term expansion capital in companies that provide services and technology to …

Petroleum & Derivatives Trading

ANSCO and its partners are active in petroleum trading ranging from crude oil to refined products (gasoline, diesel, gasoil, JP1….) …

Oil & Gas Field Evaluation

ANSCO’s clients and partners benefit from our intimate knowledge of the local geological environment to enhance exploration success and …

Oilfield Equipment & Supplies

ANSCO has established a reputation for supplying high quality oil and gas field equipment, spare parts and supplies directly to end-users and contractors in the MENA region …

Oilfield Services

ANSCO owns a large fleet of Oilfield service equipment. ANSCO has executed over 100 service contracts for International Oil Companies in various countries in the MENA region …

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We have more than 100 satisfied customers who can’t say enough great things about us!
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“ANSCO is a full-service provider of oil field services. Our team members are dedicated to providing high quality service that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations.”

MENA Region

Selected Works

Some recent projects have been carried out in the MENA region.

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The MENA region has substantial growth potential where we are established as a trusted service provider and we have had the privilege of providing our services in this dynamic market for an extended period. Our dedicated team is eager to collaborate with your esteemed organization. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can commence on exciting new ventures.