PVT Sampling

ANSCO utilizes the Leutert PVT (Pressure Volume Temperature) sampler system for its sampling services. The Sampler provides clients with representative samples of well fluids. The collected fluid can be transferred on location to the sample bottle without the use of mercury. The One Phase Sampler “OPS”, allows the sample to be pressurized above reservoir pressure after it has been taken from the reservoir. This compensates any temperature induced pressure drop (e.g. as the sample is returned to surface) and maintains the sample in a single phase.

By utilizing the Leutert sampling system, ANSCO offers the following features:

  • Shortest sampler of its kind available in the market.
  • Considerable sample volume (600 cc).
  • Bottom-hole sampler capable of 10,000 psi and 170c.
  • PVT can be captured at sandface pressure and transferred to a container, maintaining this state, by using a Nitrogen booster, which applies positive pressure on the sample at all times.
  • Maintaining the sample in single phase.
  • Less seals due to reduction of nipples.
  • Mercury-free transfer to shipping bottle.
  • Positive locking after tool closure.
  • Ability to validate sample in sample chamber.
  • Samples are transported in pressure rated cylinders, and are capable and certified for international transportation.