Permanent and Semi-Permanent SRO Services

ANSCO provides Surface Data Acquisition, Real-Time Bottom-Hole Data Capture with Surface Read-Out (SRO), Real-Time Drop-Spool (RTDS), Semi-Permanent SRO (SP-SRO), Permanent SRO (Perm-SRO), Retrievable Side-Pocket (RSP-SRO), Remote Data Transfer Unit (RDT), High Temperature SP-SRO, and Extreme High Temperature SP-SRO.

ANSCO provides solutions to pressure ranges as high as 25,000psi and temperatures as high as 250c. ANSCO provides complete project design and installation.

ANSCO experience and use of new technology supports existing and newproduction wells. In order to maximize the production potential from existing and new reservoirs, optimization in production technologies begins the day a client decide to drill a new well.