Slickline Services

ANSCO provides mechanical Slickline services. A complete range of Slickline intervention services can be provided, backed-up by industry recognized training and quality programs to ensure the highest level of personnel competency.

ANSCO can offer a full line of products, equipment and engineering experience to satisfy client’s slickline requirements, and is committed to reliability and employing current proven technology in slickline services.

Our engineers and service personnel bring many years of experience and training to every jobsite. Services, products and equipment are carefully designed and maintained to obtain the optimum results for the customer’s wireline needs.

ANSCO offers Slickline and Braided Line services. ANSCO’s slickline equipment and specialists provide clients with the equipment, tools, and trained personnel to perform many types of slickline applications such as Bottom hole Pressure and Temperature Surveys, Running Production Logging Memory Tools, Fishing Operations, Slickline Perforation, Caliper Tools, Downhole Video Camera, Fluid Level Measurement, Setting/Pulling Plugs, Hangers, Chokes, and Gas Lift Valves and others.