About us

Today’s ANSCO is a result of internal growth and motivation as well as the affiliation and partnership with multinational oil and gas operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers. From a strategic standpoint, ANSCO has two key objectives, efficiency and productivity. ANSCO strives for efficiency, both in terms of delivering results for its clients and partners as well as leveraging its regional infrastructure. The ultimate goal in both cases is to help reduce costs and increase productivity.

The basis of our operations and the key to our success is our level of client satisfaction. We value our clients and strive to customize our service to fit their specific requirements. Our objective is to always exceed client’s expectations. In addition, it is our objective to always acquire and develop local talent in the countries we provide services in. ANSCO’s experience in operations and logistics in the Middle East and North Africa Regions ensures timely delivery of products and services to meet project timetable.

ANSCO has a strong commitment to provide a work place that protects the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and communities in which we work. We take seriously our stewardship of the environment we operate in. We hold our employees and the communities where we work and live in high regards.