Multi-Phase Flow Meters Services

ANSCO provides MPFM that are non radioactive, intervention free, compact and mobile.

ANSCO uses technology that relies on compact sensors that are easily configured in a variety of ways. The skid mounted mobile MPFM provide unparalleled testing capacity that will achieve in one unit a ratio of maximum to minimum flow rate ratio of 100. The technology functions with built-in redundancy. It combines two parallel real-time measuring MPFM withpipes of different diameters to handle low and high flow range wells.

ANSCO’s mobile MPFM can handle exploration, appraisal, and production wells. They can perform well cleanup optimization, production and fiscal allocation, production trending, artificial lift system optimization, measurements in slugs, foams, emulsions, and heavy oil.

ANSCO’s mobile MPFM benefits include improved fluid characterization, enhanced response time, reduced field development costs, improved well diagnostic, enhanced installation and operation safety, reduced gas flaring and eliminated fluid disposal. The mobile MPFM is the ideal testing unit with high flexibility and range.