Downhole and Surface Jet Pumps

ANSCO offers various applications for efficient Jet Pump Technology. This technology is very mobile and applicable to onshore or offshore use, without major surface or downhole equipment changes.

Jet Pump Technology offers a system whereby jet pump placement can be tested before a permanent change is implemented in the well configuration. It also offers a reduction in Nitrogen and downhole time for well kick-offs and well cleanouts.

Downhole Jet Pumps help producers increase production from low pressure wells by injecting a High Pressure source.

ANSCO can offer customized downhole and surface jet pump packages to meet our clients’ needs and our technical experts can evaluate a potential jet-pump candidate, and through engineering and software design, can find the right solution for increased or ease of production.

The design process will involve designing the correct downhole nozzle applications, to supplying the correct surface pumping facilities.

ANSCO wireline services can set and remove the downhole jet pump for resizing of the jet nozzle, as the reservoir changes over time.

ANSCO will design and support a “turnkey” solution for all jet pump equipment and services.