Logistics and Manpower

ANSCO has exceptional experience, relationships and resources in the MENA region, with great knowledge of logistical functions, regulations, and customs, including personnel travel and transportation arrangements.ANSCO is capable of providing door-to-door logistical projects plans and execution. We competitively manage our clients’ logistical requirements so they can focus on their area of expertise.

Operating in challenging markets, ANSCO also provides the necessary security support to our clients. ANSCO can fulfill the needs of our clients in designing, supplying, installation, implementing and operating complete security operations. The scope of the services we provide cover a wide range of safety programs, from basic security to complete security systems and armed enforcement missions.

ANSCO delivers performance-based results whether by simply supplying professional manpower or managing our Clients’ complete Operation and Maintenance program.

ANSCO’s facilities services offer cost-effective operations and maintenance services that focus on enhancing the life-cycle and performance of our Clients’ assets. These services are provided on a scalable basis through technically trained and service oriented staff.

ANSCO’s facility management capabilities support a variety of services. Our experienced team represents a broad selection of expertise with a proven record of client satisfaction.We can provide management of on-demandprojects, in addition to programs designed to support the ongoing project needs of our Clients.

ANSCO is capable of providing facilities services in high-risk areas where operators face challenging and costly local work conditions. ANSCO is able to maintain operations of a facility while professionally managing risks and threats.