Drilling Fluids Services

ANSCO provides innovative drilling fluids products and services. ANSCO designs and implements drilling fluid systems that encompass the functions of enhancing drilling rates, protecting potential production zones, hole cleaning, drilled rock stabilization, metal accretion prevention, subsurface pressures control.

ANSCO drilling fluid systems are designed to be adaptable towards the drilling and production of challenging complex subsurface conditions including horizontal, directional, geologically deep and mature wells.

ANSCO experienced team will work on site, from initial consultation to completion, to help ensure that each of ANSCO’s clients drilling programs optimizes the long-term production of a reservoir while conserving the environment.

ANSCO has been supporting the unconventional oil and gas industry, shale, tight, coalbed methane, and other low-permeability geologic formations. ANSCO is experienced in developing economical products and integrated programs that meets ANSCO’s clients’ unique requirements and deliver optimal performance and equipment reliability for clients’ assets.

ANSCO provide solutions using the latest advanced, innovative and cost effective technologies available in the world. ANSCO connects the right technology with each client’s well and formulate a plan to make even the most challenging or problematic reservoir a successful business opportunity.