BHPTS Services

ANSCO offers the latest technology for bottomhole pressure and temperature surveys. ANSCO has the experience and capability to capture all pertinent data,
both surface and downhole.

  • All pressure temperature gauges are quartz sensors, rated to 10,000 psi and 177 °C.
  • Each pressure / temperature gauge can capture 2,000,000 data sets, and have redundant on-board memory, with up to 4 independent memory chips.
  • ANSCO offers the technology and experience to design, install, and commission permanent monitoring (SRO—Surface Read-Out).
  • SRO capabilities allow the client to perpetually monitor their reservoirs’ performance.
  • ANSCO is supported by industry leading reservoir management companies, for reservoir analysis.
  • ANSCO supplies the High Resolution / Fast Sample Thermal gauge, which incorporates an external temperature sensor, which allows for accurate temperature sensing, used in many temperature surveys.
  • ANSCO can supply the multi-stage downhole Electronic Shut-In tool, used for minimizing well-bore storage effects for pressure transient analysis.
  • ANSCO Technical and Operational Managers have the background and expertise to design and plan data capture projects for reservoir analysis.